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About us

BluQRux is a mobile services and solutions company specialising in facilities management software.

We believe in focusing on the individual to the benefit of your company's business processes.

Our product is the result of studying how all levels of facilities staff work. We produce quality software that modernises and streamlines your modus operandi.


Perform your job at a higher level

With ready access to the history of an asset, room or issue, you have the tools to make sound business decisions


Get more done, get it done better

Get the minutiae out of the way to focus on the bigger picture. Do things when you think of them, not when you get back to your desk


Designed for you, designed for you to use wherever you happen to be

Desktop or mobile, FixMarQ is built for both


A bridge between Facilities and users

It begins by keeping the user informed about their issue, and keeping them involved in the process they began

Cost effective

Work faster and better, keeping costs down

Do things in seconds, such as prioritising new issues with a simple flick

CAFM for the 21st century


The made-for-mobile app for managing your facilities. Report issues in less than 10 seconds; manage issues intuitively; visualise your space and assets, marked up with the related issues; communicate effectively with your users with minimal effort; crowd-source keeping your databases up to date; and much, much more...

A fully-featured mobile solution to your Facilities Management needs

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